Reports from Jackson Hole, The Green River and Yellowstone. Fishing Reports highlight fishing conditions, recent hatches, choice patterns and advice from our top guides.

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 7-20-2016

The Bite is on for the Snake River. Productive patterns include Circus peanuts in a purple or red body, Purple Haze and Redemption PMDs are a great start. The flows around the valley tributaries are below historical averages adding to the notion of an accelerated runoff year. Riffles and cutbanks usually hold fish and a good presentation will help  boat more fish for the day. Keep the bear spray handy for wading the pacific creek drainage in the northern end of the Grand Teton Park. The Green River is no exception for the regions slowing waters. Flow readings at 365 … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 7-9-2016

The Snake is fishing well with reports of productive trips across the valley. The dry fly action is in full swing with large pattern mayflies being a productive start to the day. Purple haze and attractor patterns are a good bet as well. Flows continue to be steady at approximately 2500 CFS from Jackson Lake Dam since June 15th and slowing flows from the surrounding tributaries makes for some great summer action. The Upper Green is slowing down to 625 CFS at the Warren Bridge gauging station. A chubby dropper and a possibly some drakes can be a productive pattern … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report

Rivers in the valley are beginning to clear. The tributaries of the Snake River are fishing with some success. Look for the weather to bring the warm temperatures and better fishing conditions to the valley. Flows from Jackson Lake Dam have been steady from June 15th at 2600 CFS making for favorable conditions for fishing. Pacific creek to Moran Junction have reports of Headlight Yellow sallies, Yellow humpy, golden chubby, and Elk hair cadis producing rises. Just be aware of the bears and carry bear spray. Flat creek at South Park feed ground also has rises on Yellow Sallies, Everything … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 6-1-16

So far it has been an interesting run-off year here in the valley, but summer temperatures have finally settled in. Peak run-off usually occurs around the 10th of June, with water levels continuously declining after this point. The top section of the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam down to Pacific Creek has been running at 3200 CFS since May 27th, and this stretch has been offering the most consistent river fishing. If the fishing gets tough and the dry fly action is limited, don’t be afraid to throw some streamers or even nymphs in the faster water.  J.J Specials and Sparkle Minnows would be … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report: May 28th, 2015

The Snake River in the Jackson Hole valley looks to be done for the near future except for the stretch between Jackson Lake Dam and Pacific Creek. Flows out of the dam have been ramped up significantly over the last couple of days, however, making this section a little iffy, too. Similar to other rivers in the area, if the flows have increased due to run-off, rain, or irrigation needs, the fishing will be a little off as the fish and insects re-acclimate to new holding water. Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report: May 23, 2015

!!!HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!! Snake River in Jackson Hole: The Snake has returned to its typical mid-May state, which is high and muddy.  The flows were recently bumped from around 500 cfs to 1820 cfs making the section from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek a little less desirable to fish in the near future.  We’re a little unsure of what they’re planning on doing with the flows over the next couple of weeks but there is a good chance the flows will be increased to make room for run-off or supply Idaho farmers with irrigation water.  Similar to the South … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fishing Report: May 14th, 2015

Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Well, the recent colder weather has tempered the run-off and the Snake River has cleared up significantly.  With the weather outlook for the weekend–highs in the low 50’s and lows in low 30’s–the Snake might be worth considering.  The flows are still fairly high making wading difficult but if you have a boat and some big streamers with a sink tip, you might have some decent luck.  Looking for backwaters and clear spring-fed tributaries will give you the best chance to hook some fish.  Fishing the “insides” of  big long runs with willow lined … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report: May 8th, 2015

Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: The Snake River in the Jackson Hole valley is still mostly a “no-go” due to the high and off-color water.  The recent colder weather and colder temperatures that are forecast through the weekend might clear the river up a little, but the chances of it being in decent fishing shape are pretty remote.  Once again, though, if fishing locally is your only option your best will be between the Jackson Lake Dam and the Pacific Creek launch area in the Moran area.  Flows have remained steady out of the dam at around 550cfs.  The … Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fishing Report: April 29th, 2015

The Snake River in Jackson will be a “no-go” until late May or early June we’re guessing. Fishing from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek will have the cleanest water in the valley and will be your best option if you have to stay local. Otherwise, get in your car and head over to the Henry’s Fork near Ashton, Idaho. Stop by our shop first, however, and grab a bunch of olive bodied Caddis patterns and enjoy on of the thickest hatches of the year. The Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch has arrived on the Hank! Continue reading

Jackson Hole Fishing Report: April 14th, 2015

The weather outlook for the Jackson Hole valley looks to be about perfect over the next couple of weeks for fishing on the Snake River. Highs in the mid-50’s and overnight lows in the 20’s should keep the water clear and fishable for the foreseeable future. There still good hatches of Baetis in the afternoons along with a smattering of Skwala stoneflies. Dry fly action will still be best in the mid to late afternoon. Continue reading